Graphics performance on mobile (laptop) platforms

Hey all, bear with me on this...
Running Win10 Pro x64 on a Surface Pro 4
Intel Core i7-6650U @ 2.20GHz
Intel Iris 540 Graphics

The only way I'm able to get playable frame rates (35-40fps) is to run Everspace at 800x600 full screen, on low settings. If i go any higher with the resolution l get slowdowns during dogfights that lead to controller lag (I'm using an xbox one controller.)
On 800x600 and low it looks...alright. Text in the menus is pretty garbled due to the low resolution though, and I'm certainly a guy who likes his eye candy (even though I can't afford a rig to give me it lol.)
At any rate, I was expecting to play this game around 1280x800 or so on medium settings. For comparison, I'm also running F1 2014 and Star Wars Battlefront II on this Surface Pro 4 flawlessly with medium/high settings and 1280x800 resolution. F1 2014 at 45-55fps constant, SWBF2 80fps constant. I even run Grand Theft Auto Vice City in a PS2 emulator just fine at 40+ fps.

I know this isn't a gaming PC, but I'm just a bit shocked at how low I need to set the graphics to make it playable. Any thoughts? I wonder if the developers could create some kind of "mobile optimized" graphics settings...


  • darcywdarcyw Member Posts: 6
    -BEEP-... compared to some space games (E:D or Star Citizen) I thought this ran pretty well! I was just using the minimum settings with my i6700 at 1920x1200 using just the built-in graphics :smile:
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    -BEEP-? The word "d a m n" got beeped out... Not what I came back to say... but anyway...

    Is it fair to say you've got the tablet in "High Performance" mode instead of "Balanced" or "Power Saving"? Just checking... based on your other statements you likely have.
  • darcywdarcyw Member Posts: 6
    Okay... "W T F" get's beeped as well? Wow... talk about "a n a l"!!!
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    @darcyw , if words are being filtered, it's likely done for a reason. I think the developers of this great game deserve the respect of the language we choose on the forums they've allowed us to engage in. ;-)

    In regards to @snthennumbers 's issue: It seems likely that the Intel Iris 540 Graphics is causing your problems (integrated graphics cards cause far more issues more than dedicated cards). Older titles like SWBF2 and GTA Vice City don't require a lot of beautiful shaders, incredible renderings or even anti-aliasing in the slightest, whereas Everspace asks for these features even on lower settings.

    THAT SAID, Everspace is pretty well optimized for an Early Access title. You may try finagling with some of the graphical details from the menu to keep your performance up. Reducing the overall resolution (like you've done) is a great way to increase performance.
  • snthennumberssnthennumbers Member Posts: 3
    Thanks all, I was just surprised at how low I had to set everything to get it to be playable. I'm on 800x600 and full low and that's the only way I can get a consistent 40+ fps. My Asus UX303L with an NVidia 840M runs it at medium 1280x800 smooth 30fps, yet benchmarks show the Iris 540 out performs the 840M...

    I downloaded 3DMark and ran the Cloud Gate test with default settings on both my i7-6650U Iris 540 Surface Pro 4 and my Asus UX303L i7 4510U 2.00/2.60GHz with 840M and the scores are like this:

    SP4: 6339
    Asus: 5915

    I was wondering if it could be the display driver microsoft forces you to have for the Iris 540, so I force installed the driver directly from Intel, but it made no difference. I don't get it. I even modified the registry to give me the high performance power policy, but still no improvement.
  • zippzipp Member Posts: 2
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    Hello, I have similar issue. I play on FHD (native) and I'm getting:

    Low: 19-32 FPS (AVG 24)
    Epic: 12-18 FPS (AVG 15)

    Is this appropriate for my laptop or is there something wrong with it (like drivers etc.)? I have dual GPU laptop, isn't possible it runs on internal graphic? The difference between Epic and Low seems oddly low

    Dell Inspiron 5737
    Intel Core i7-4500U (1.8-3.0 GHz, 2 cores, 4 threads)
    Ati Radeon HD 8870M 2GB / Intel HD Graphics 4400
    16GB RAM
    Windows 10 Pro 64bit

  • ROCKFISH_MichaelROCKFISH_Michael Administrator Posts: 373
    If you got Everspace through the Windows Store, please update the game. We implemented a fix to force the game using the external GPU when running on battery. Builds on Steam and GOG are not affected.
  • zippzipp Member Posts: 2
    Actually that is not the issue, I tried to force disable internal graphic and fps were the same. And I also always run on A/C
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