Is this worth the purchase?

Not sure if this is the place to post this but it seems logical to post this here...

I am NOT a fan of purchasing beta and "early access" games. Especially ones that are not even past 0.1 release. That's pretty early build to me. Despite that fact what I'm seeing in game videos looks like a fairly well polished and definitely evolving game even though it's in BETA. I've not been able to find dev notes or something like it as far as what's planned for this game and what's hoped for. We've also seen a spate recently of abandoned games after early adopters have paid hefty prices for games with lofty promises, many times they've been dragged along for years with little to nothing to show for their investment. Yes, investment. When you pay for a beta game you're investing in the future of that game.

So what makes this game worth it? This game looks like something I'd absolutely love to play but I'm no longer in the business of pissing away cash every time a dev has loft goals and hefty promises.
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