[Suggestion] Inhabited locations

LiandriLiandri Member Posts: 11
Issue I want to solve with this suggestion:
So far, every system I saw was about mining operations, asteroids and debris. I'd like to see more variety in possibilities and atmosphere for player. Places where I can take some rest from seeing tons of asteroids and resources hunting.

Inhabited systems. Because not every stop has to be near mining stations. Unless this contradicts with the story.

Possible attributes for such locations:
- May contain no asteroids or debris at all.
- May contain hazards or anomalies.
- May contain no risk at all. So it's safe to remain here for as long as player wants.
- May contain different problems, like patrols.
- Should contain habitable space stations and/or science stations.
- May contain job offers (e.g. carry a cargo or kill someone), targeting distant systems.
- May contain equipment dealers. Sell or buy limited range of weapons and devices. Maybe even blueprints.
- May contain lore elements players can discover and read, like with shipwrecks currently.
- May contain more lively (animated) backgrounds, involving construction, blinking lights, cities on planet surfaces etc.

Such locations should be uncommon. I think each sector should have 0-2 of these.

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  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,317
    The idea of "special locations" has been on our minds for quite a while now. We still like it, but we've got so many tasks on our list that I'm afraid it's currently not top priority. But I still hope that we'll find the time one day to add some of these.
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