Game won't start 0x000007b (Missing .dll)

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Hi there,

I just bought your game on Steam, downloaded it etc.
So after I installed the whole thing, it didn't start. Steam says it is launching the game, then nothing happens. I tried launching it directly with the .exe, but then it just wants me to install DirectX Runtime again. (Yes I uninstalled and installed it again, several times). So I tried the "RSG-Win64-Shipping.exe", then I got an "0x000007b" error. Because I know this error from games like "Dying Light" and "Far Cry 4", I scanned the "Shipping.exe" with the Dependency Walker. There it showed me, that I have Installed the x86-Versions of "X3DAUDIO1_7.dll" and "XINPUT1_3.dll" instead of the x64-Versions. So I downloaded the 64-bit Versions of the .dll's and wanted to replace them, because I think, that's the problem, why my game won't start. Now my question: Where do I find these .dll's I want to replace? Seriously I can't find them anywhere on my PC.

If you're interested, my specs are:
Win10 Home
Intel(R) Core i7-4770K
Nvidia GeForce GTX 970

Hope you can help me,
best regards,

edit: found the problem, just replaced the .dll's in my system32 folder and it works now, good game btw. :#


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