Multi GPU Support?

Are you guys building in support for SLI?

Also will there be support for triple monitors or Nvidia Surround ?


  • Toysrme257thToysrme257th Posts: 21Member, Common Beta Backer
    Unreal Engine 4's use of deferred rendering to greatly increase performance removed the support of SLI. UE4 across the board does not support SLI.

    UE4 has been upgraded as one of the first game engines to support nvidia Gameworks VR-SLI.
  • GoloithGoloith Posts: 34Common Alpha Backer, Customer
    It's understandable that UE4 doesn't have SLI or Crossfire support right away. That being said though, UE4 still needs to work on getting Explicit mGPU into their engine. Otherwise, we'll see the same debacle that killed off Fable Legends. That game desperately needed mGPU support as a single bios OC Titan X couldn't put out 60 FPS at 2560x1440 (that and 3440x1440 wasn't even an option).

    @Toysrme257th .....60 euros later and you suck. :smile: See you soon bud.
  • GreenWitcherGreenWitcher Posts: 8Member
    It seems that you can use the Dyinglight profile for SLI temporarily. Although it suffers from light flickering. I really hope the devs communicate with nVidia and get an SLI profile working.
  • GreenWitcherGreenWitcher Posts: 8Member
    *EDIT: Meant to say that the Daylight SLI bits work. They did with v0.1.3.28905.
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