Quick fixes to enable joystick mouse emulation

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Hi peeps,

I am very much enjoying my first dabbles into Everspace. The game kinda feels like Faster than light in first person, which so far is kinda cool as i enjoyed FTL, freelancer, descent, Elite Dangerous, Ziggurat and others that are vaguely reminiscent to what you seem to be trying to do.

While all this seems like i would be well suited to put lots of time into your game, I am an advocate for the dual wield joystick for all axis movement all the time (pedals too). The game itself offers limited immersive control options (even though in free look mode the cockpit contains dual joysticks!), in that there isn't really enough in the way of controls placement and customisation for me to feel like I'm actually flying that little ship.

I have done my utmost to try and get some semblance of feel in the controls, but i am constantly stymied by the unlocked crosshair when using spring mouse emulation because of the natural tendency to try and centre the opposing craft in your view, which places it outside of the unlocked cursors aim assist range.

I have been attempting since then to get used to the game on the mouse... and while I'm seeing some success with practise, I don't much mind using the keyboard for movement but it would be nice to be able to at least pitch/yaw/roll in the manner of your choosing;
with this in mind I think that there could be some short term alternatives to tighten up a couple of gaps in the current approach.

1. Add option to lock\unlock the crosshair/cursor position.
There is already precedent for this in the way you handle input for the xbox controllers and the way the game switches between them when input is detected.
This would allow a little more personal choice in how you handle your own aiming input devices as many people who like me prefer to fly on a joystick will know about programs like xpadder, pinnacle, padstarr, vjoy, ujr ect ect that will enable at least simplistic joystick functionality with mouse emulation to the users preferred setup.
I still can't seem to get 360ce working at all in any of the 3 directories containing the games .exe files, whats up with that?.

2. Add option to swap yaw with roll on the mouse input.
Easy and simple way to restore some tried and true flight mechanics and classic bank and yank dogfight gameplay. (admittedly yaw would have to be handled by emulating a keystroke at 60% or something but I'm sure many purists can live with that in the short term).
If we can work out how to get 360ce working it would be nice to be able to put pitch/roll on right stick and yaw on the triggers, so that you can use both simultaneously on the emulated joystick of choice and just redefine buttons as necessary since you are binding them to something else anyway.

Just food for thought.

I was reading elsewhere on the forum about incoming joystick support... is that still happening?



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    We'll see what can be done about the fixed crosshair thing for mouse controls, should be possible. We're still hoping to support joysticks one day, but it would require a lot of work, I guess and is currently not on the top of our list. But we're aware that many people are asking for it - we're still hoping for more support from Unreal Engine which would make the task a lot easier.
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    if i could work out how to get 360ce working properly it would be relatively simple.
    all you would need in this case is a way to move the desired axis around to where you want it instead of holding right stick to get roll... that will get old pretty -BEEP- fast because i noticed you pretty much cant to anything else while its active. Pitch is disabled whilst roll is active so you cant setup a clever profile that automatically switches for you and you absolutely cannot bank and yank.

    oh... and thanks for the reply! good to see you guys are active on the comms.
  • mugsymugsy Posts: 30Customer
    not really sure why but even when i get the mouse emulation working it is very jerky and does not like being near to the centre regardless of my sensitivity or deadzone on the emulation programs.
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    We'll see what can be done about the fixed crosshair

    are there sensitivity settings available where for example we could change it so the distance the cursor travels from the centre is much smaller? kind of like giving the floating cursor an edge deadzone.

    Because really i don't mind if the cursor is floating... i just don't want it to be able to move much more than 2-4 cm.

    if this was possible it would not be able to use the system cursor position... which is i think how the game currently works.
  • lektrikpukelektrikpuke Posts: 3Kickstarter Backer, Space Cat
    The game is unusable (for me) without joystick support (as mouse control is too difficult). I am so disappointed to have waited so long, and not be able to play.
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    The game is unusable (for me) without joystick support (as mouse control is too difficult). I am so disappointed to have waited so long, and not be able to play.

    Late reply, just searching to see if there's any update on joystick support (I'd take arrow keys, actually). So: me too for this. I love what I've see of Everspace but I just can't play it with the mouse. It doesn't make sense to my brain to have to keep moving the mouse to pitch/yaw as opposed to holding a key/stick.
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    @Glum_Reaper Joystick support is dropping this week with the hefty update for Everspace.
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