Tutorial Bug

BrenkukaBrenkuka Posts: 3Customer
First time playing game, I got to the second system and uh.. while listening to the first instructions.. crashed into an asteroid. Then after re-spawning, my ship was at full health and it skipped over the tutorial details about re-fueling.

Also, how can we re-do/restart a game? If I wanted to start from the beginning and try again? I can only choose 'continue' at main screen.


  • ROCKFISH_HCKROCKFISH_HCK Posts: 562Moderator
    Try Options->Game->Reset Game
  • BrenkukaBrenkuka Posts: 3Customer
    Thank you for that reset.

    But yeah, I figured out a LOT about the game after that. I just mean, that one little part at the beginning was confusing when I first started and it skipped it because I had died...
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