I have to say those white cloud zones are phenomenal looking

These zones have sensor disabling features, but they are really fun to play in such beautiful zone. Too bad they are rare or they always make sensors disabled.

Will there be such zones without sensor disabling? Its only to find loot without spending all time to look for and not finding any because of scaners.

Props to devs!


  • DarlothDarloth Customer Posts: 24
    If you've got a scanner drone, use one in those systems - they almost give you your sensors back because they record the location of everything.

    You still can't lock onto stuff as easily, but certainly the loot all shows up.
  • GoldAsteroidGoldAsteroid Member Posts: 68
    Didnt knew that, thanks!
  • DextuiDextui Member Posts: 3
    I know right! Those areas are amazing, maybe they can add other very apparent 'hazards' like space whales or just other types of clouds. Maybe with different levels of transparency or color.

  • Jean MicroJean Micro Member Posts: 22
    @GoldAsteroid Indeed that are beautiful, i was in total awe when i first saw one
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