just bought the collectors edition for pc :)

new to this forum i just got paid and i had to buy the collectors edition version for pc so looking forward to this game it is looking awesome so far any updates when the alpha will start ?

cant wait to play this game :)


  • SoranSoran Posts: 95
    " Greetings Pilots,

    We are back from GDC and it was a blast. We got tons of very positive feedback about our Pre-Alpha from media, our friends at [email protected] and other industry partners alike. Still, the current build is a bit rough around the edges. In particular, the placeholder voice acting feels out of place compared to the quality of the visuals. We are fully aware of that and the reason why we had it in the Pre-Alpha was to demonstrate to potential distribution partners how missions and encounters with archetype characters of the story would work. Once we secure additional funding we can afford to do voice recording with better voice actors in UK or even the US – in Hamburg we have a fairly limited choice of native speakers who are not necessarily actors with a professional background.

    We know you guys are eager to play test EVERSPACE as soon as possible, but before we give all our Alpha backers access to the Alpha version the game still needs a little bit of work. As you can tell from the gameplay videos on IGN and Gamespot I had a hard time hitting stuff. While I don’t want to defend my playing skills here, we do know that the gamepad controls still need to be tweaked a bit.

    Also, since we allow all Alpha backers to post screenshots or even stream gameplay footage of the Alpha, we need to bring the hangar scene to a quality level that matches the rest of the game as it will be the hub for all runs in EVERSPACE.

    Lastly, to get the best feedback from you we want to work a bit more on the balancing as this is very important in particular for a roguelike. Therefore, we have to postpone the Alpha shipping date to end of April and we hope for your understanding.

    Michae l"

    This is a quote from another thread answer is at bottom
  • ROCKFISH_SnoopROCKFISH_Snoop Moderator Posts: 92
    Yup, end of April! Can't wait for you all to get your hands on the game! Very exciting :)
  • SoranSoran Posts: 95
    Yup up graded to collector , can't come soon enough :smiley:
  • stephenstephen Customer Posts: 2
    just downloaded the alpha on steam i wonder if this game will work with the steam vr theater ?
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