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What is the news on bosses in Evespace? Since its not following a linear storyline, are they scattered around space in wreckages?

Are there even going to be bosses in Everspace?

-If this thread is un-needed/wanted feel free to delete. In the meantime let's talk bosses.
Bosses are an amazing part of video games. They are a monumental part of the game and make the players take pride in what they have done. However in some games bosses are not needed to make the game amazing. I do think though, that they would be an amazing feature in Everspace. Do you think it will have bosses?

-I think since its already in alpha stage, it might be a bit late for bosses, or you at least have a pretty solid idea of how the game will go, but if not here are some fun concepts.

-Imagine, a possible storyline of you tracking from galaxy to Galaxy, and keep hearing about a grand space pirate terrorizing star systems. This could be a giant battle cruiser you face, or maybe just a speedy super talented pilot. To create an effective and impressive boss is an incredible feat, but if done correctly can set a game apart from all of the others. Another boss could be an alien with remarkable power, hiding thought the galaxies. It could even be a flying pterodactyl/dragon. (Totally not Ridley)

I'm interested to hear what you think, or if anyone can confirm bosses or any sort of end-game type thing. Of course I don't want the game to be spoiled before I play, just looking to know a bit more about it :)

-(I really don't want it to be spoiled) XD


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    They have mentioned certain characters will spawn in different parts of the galaxy that pertain to the story and you can kill and loot them. I'm sure they will not be pushovers and have backup. I hope its tactical as well.

    Imagine a boss that has high armor and low shields and you have to switch up weapons to bring them down. I would love to target subsystems as well.
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    I think archenemies will exist in the universe based on the tidbits of story we've seen thus far, so I imagine there will be plenty of personalities we can align or oppose with through the course of the game. We can probably become a "boss" ourselves, depending on how we choose to interact with the galaxy.
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