Bought Elite:Dangerous... returned it and bought this... best purchase in the past 10 years

Ever wondered what it would be like to play FTL, except as a lone wolf spaceship in 1st/3rd person (with VR support from beta launch), yet have space combat that rivaled games of old like Colony Wars or Wing Commander, showing off the graphical showmanship of games of new like Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen, but kept the action running a beautiful 60 FPS (even on laptops!), and action so fast it will make you scramble like a madman, barrel-rolling your way to victory or defeat? Wonder no more, EverSpace is here to lead you to glorious victory, or see you explode in a glorious plume of lasers and missiles, only to further upgrade your rig, and take the fight to those space pirates/cops once more, looting their sweet bounty, and ripping your way through giant lightning space storms on the outskirts of a raging space battle.

This game is a fantastic buy for the money, even if you're getting it "Early Access" launch price like myself. I own No Mans Sky (console), played EVE Online for close to 2 years, am an active player/backer for Star Citizen, and rolled around in Elite: Dangerous for a while... yet EverSpace has the the only one to genuinely put a smile of my face from the very beginning. The controls are darn close to perfect if not a bit "arcadey" (aside from mouse acceleration) and includes fully re-bindable keys, the combat is fluid and ALWAYS fast, and I feel like most of the time if I die, it's because I picked a fight I wasn't ready for, not because I was cheated due to bad game mechanics.

EverSpace a rogue-like, which means every time you die, you begin again from the start (just like FTL) and retain your money for the next run where you can spend it on multiple skill tree upgrades, unlockable/craftable replacement items on you ship, and future ships coming down the pipeline with later updates. It's approachable with just a keyboard/mouse, does not need any advanced HOTAS (Hands On Throttle and Stick) controller, of which can run easily $150-400 for the more advanced ones, and comes with VR support, same as Elite Dangerous.

The combat is both incredibly simple, yet very deep at the same time. With just the WADS, Q/E for rolling, 1-4 for skills and a mouse, and a few other keys (less than 5, by far less than the 20+ I need for other similar games) I was able to become master of all things flight in this hand-crafted space environment. The artwork for all the combat environments is absolutely stunning, the lasers/guns/cannons/explosions even more so, and don't even get me started on the effects regarding lightning storms in space...

As far as how the game runs, I personally had absolutely zero issues. I run a NVidia GTX 960m (mobile) card with 4GB dedicated, 8GB DDR5 ram, i7 6700HQ. Not anywhere close to the beefiest of computers, especially given the mobile card, but it was able to run everything on the absolute highest settings (called EPIC), with 1920x1080 resolution, and still get easily 30-60 FPS, with only dipping towards the 30 end if things got absolutely hellish on screen, with me dodge, dip, dive, duck, and dodging (if you can dodge a laser, you can dodge a ball!) enemy missiles, gatlings, lasers, and the giant asteroids I was about to crash into. Beautiful set pieces? Check. Detailed character models? Check. SOLID framerate, very check. Bittersweet moments of my ship getting blown up into oblivion, very much check... but -BEEP- did it look good. One of the things that I love the most about this is the fact that they incorporated a key that allows you to "freeze" the game at any time, allowing you to pivot/zoom/alter the camera to take incredibly epic screenshots for your own personal enjoyment, or sharing them online. This is a rare, beautiful gem of a feature that often will go unnoticed by a vast majority of players, yet for those diligent few, it will be insanely rewarding.

Overall, the game itself is very much more of an "arcade" style experience. This is NOT a "true simulator" like Elite Dangerous or Star Citizen, despite being in the same category. EverSpace is much more of an "instant gratification" style of game, rewarding you even when you fail. Despite this style of gameplay, it none-the-less provides a level of enjoyment and satisfaction that I haven't seen from space simulator games in years, many of which remind me of games from years past like Descent, Freespace, or even more mainstream "recent" games like Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter, with sprinkles of Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen.

Overall, I would easily give EverSpace a SOLID 8/10, and only a score that low because the game at this time (9/17/16) is still in Beta, early access release, and does not have all the features released yet for the game. There are many options in the settings (such as POV sliders) that have yet to be implemented. The game is by no means perfect, and despite it's short(ish) beginning-end finish, still provides a very high degree of visual polish.


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    Argh, my lack of proper sentence composition and crazy run-on-kinda-sorta-maybe-should-have-stopped-sooner ideas (get the point?) wish I could post-edit my review =/
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    Wow, very long, well written review, I'm glad you're enjoying the game!
  • GARETH GGARETH G Customer Posts: 2
    Nice energy and message, TaxFreePwnage.

    does not need any advanced HOTAS (Hands On Throttle and Stick) controller

    But it sure would help those of us who have old war wounds to have HOTAS.

    For me, I get more comfort from a joystick. My RSI starts to itch and then ache along my right arm while using a mouse or controller. Joystick, not so much.

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    edited October 2016
    Same can't wait for the hotas
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    Very enjoyable read, glad to see people take so much time writing reviews and enjoy the game. :smile:
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