Hyped for Hardcore Mode

ES_6303ES_6303 Kickstarter Beta Backer ES1, Space Dog Posts: 3
I'm super happy that Hardcore Mode made the cut and will be available at launch. It'll definitely give the game a lot more replay-ability for those who like a challenge. I liked Shadow of Mordor, but the game was quite easy. Death not being punishing was a cool idea but the lack of challenge and resulting deaths didn't allow me to explore it much. Going back to replay it has never been appealing to me, partially owing to the death mechanics and the easiness. Hopefully vanilla Everspace will be at least a bit more challenging so we can really explore the lore and receive the benefits from dying.

I'm really happy that we have the option to make the game a lot more unforgiving with Hardcore Mode (but it's not forced on those who don't want it). People who don't enjoy games like Rogue Legacy, which just turn into an endless grind for upgrades, will still be able to enjoy Everspace fully.
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