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There is a new update live on Steam which will become the Early Access Version next week. All people that are already able to play the game: As always: Please enjoy and report any bugs.


New Features:
  • Added some spoken dialog
  • Added all-new final fight
  • Added new outlaw station types
  • Added new weapon mod: Projectile Velocity
  • Added new rock planet
  • Added indicators for equipment slots so you can quickly see if you can craft a mod or equipment
  • Added option to customize graphics quality levels
  • Added option to turn vsync off
  • Equipment can now also be equipped via the ingame menu
  • Added a blueprint overview to stats screen
  • Improved ultra-wide monitor support
  • Added unlock requirements to perk screen
  • Increase amount of resources offered in bonus gear selection
  • Device mods will now increase energy consumption/allocation
  • Redesigned equipment bar in upper HUD area
  • Increased mid- and high-level blueprint crafting costs
  • Increased quality of loot in secure containers
  • Increased pickup pull strength
  • Removed both Weapon Energy and Boost Energy consumption perks
  • Don't spawn missile silos in first sector
  • Doubled repair prices in service stations
  • Added textures to all weapons and pickups
  • Show icons and amount of items the player has on board in trading screen
  • Improve equipment selection when using selection wheel and mouse controls
  • Fixed aiming assist marker displayed at wrong positions
  • Fixed damage limiter effect stats
  • Fixed fuel display showing number of jumps instead of fuel amount in trading menu
  • Fixed equipment type text not being updated when selecting different crafting items
  • Hopefully finally fixed bonus equipment not given to the player
  • Fixed problems with applying and saving of mouse sensitivity
  • Fixed free repairs at repair stations
  • Fixed most wanted mission spawning at incorrect locations
  • Fixed missile markers not disappearing the moment the missile explodes
  • Fixed a bug where enemies would not despawn correctly after being killed while boosting


  • SpectalysSpectalys Posts: 79Member, Common Beta Backer
    Good News !
  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Posts: 1,098Moderator, Space Cat
    Excited to stream tonight and showcase these beautiful updates! Great work, ROCKFISH!
  • extailsextails Posts: 56Common Beta Backer
    If this game is workshop supported (able to mod) then it will be awesome!
  • ZlorfZlorf Posts: 3Common Beta Backer, Customer

    Added some spoken dialog

    An option to turn this completely, or at least the subtitles, off, would be nice. For now i've set voice volume to 0, but that doesn't get rid of the subtitles.

    Improved ultra-wide monitor support

  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Posts: 1,098Moderator, Space Cat
    edited September 2016
    Indeed @Zlorf, I agree. A few minutes in of watching the update and I must say the new voiceovers, while well-done, change the experience a bit from the previous quiet. Too much vocals and the beautiful sound design occurring can get lost. Hope there is a great balance for release, or options to change the levels.

    I love the ambience of Everspace. I hope the pilot isn't too much of a chatterbox :joy:
  • cobretticobretti Posts: 30Member, Collector Beta Backer
    good , i go to play .it.
  • DracolisDracolis Posts: 3Customer
    Embarrassing question... I pre-ordered the game. I only have XBOX One.
    Is this a beta that I am able to play? Will I get the Pre-Release that is scheduled for the 14th?

    It is unclear when I will get the game, and how I will get it.

  • ZlorfZlorf Posts: 3Common Beta Backer, Customer
    @Giraffasaur, yup, i liked the silent loniless in Everspace a lot. The voiceovers ruin that feeling.
  • WeatherManWeatherMan Posts: 53Kickstarter Alpha Backer, Space Optimizr
    edited September 2016
    The alpha/beta tabs are read-only now so there doesn't really appear to be an official spot for bug reports anymore.

    Anyway, on this version G&B freighters still spawn in ways that make them clip through mining outposts and fly right through them, and the combat music tracks play over/clash with the ambient ones right after combat, especially if you open your inventory right after defeating an enemy.

    The voice overs are really good, they really give a feel for the story of the game and I find my self picking up items I normally wouldn't just for the dialogue explaining more about the world. They have a habit of constantly chattering over everything/not allowing the ambient to take over most of the time, and while I like the variety of what the characters say maybe they should talk less frequently at certain times as it feels like listening to a constant dialogue back and forth that seems to never stop.

    Edit: Actually after a good while of gameplay I don't really mind the protagonists talking to one another every once and a while after encounters, it certainly adds to the world.
  • cmatoscmatos Posts: 1Common Beta Backer, Customer
    Thanks for the awesome work, keep it up!!!
  • kyleluttermanlynch47kyleluttermanlynch47 Posts: 3Common Beta Backer
    Just played for about two hours love the new update :smile:
  • criggiecriggie Posts: 5Member, Common Beta Backer
    This update broke my game application wont start due to runtime error...
  • cobretticobretti Posts: 30Member, Collector Beta Backer
    criggie said:

    This update broke my game application wont start due to runtime error...

    Update your video card drivers...
  • SubSub Posts: 12Kickstarter Alpha Backer, Space Booster
    Awesome news guys, keep up the good work!!! :D
  • OlemFallaOlemFalla Posts: 3Common Beta Backer, Customer
    Shipwrecks no longer do anything for me, they use to come up with a log with backstory. Intentional, or bug? (loving the game so far, by the way :smile: )
  • ROCKFISH_HCKROCKFISH_HCK Posts: 562Moderator
    OlemFalla said:

    Shipwrecks no longer do anything for me, they use to come up with a log with backstory. Intentional, or bug? (loving the game so far, by the way :smile: )

    Does it just say "Shipwreck" or "Shipwreck of ..." because the latter is your own ship from the previous run if you unlocked the Retrieval Perk.
  • OlemFallaOlemFalla Posts: 3Common Beta Backer, Customer
    edited September 2016
    Ahhhh..... it's ...of.... and there is always 'junk' floating around it, I get it now (I do tend to die alot)... well not really, but... I hope the story will make sense of that.. :wink:
  • LaserswordLasersword Posts: 2Customer
    Will the pre-orderers also get a steam key? Or only the gog?
  • GkarGkar Posts: 22Member, Common Beta Backer, Collector Beta Backer
    I would like to be refund on my order #1885 and #5234.

    I don't appreciate that you fooled Linux user like me when i asked you if you will Linux Support on Beta.
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