GOF3 may not same as you think

I have a friend who has the beta access of GOF3. But he said that's disappointing and he doesn't want to say any other thing.
So what do you think? If there are EVERSPACE and GOF3, and you can only choose one, which one will you choose?


  • Kurzon MorrisKurzon Morris Posts: 73Kickstarter Backer, Space Cat
    I'd choose Everspace every time. i been extremely ill past few weeks (hence no posts or updates) but been playing Battlestation Harbinger and while very different games there are many similarities and all its done is make me super excited about this game and made me more interested in a roguelike arcade space shooter, each one of those words makes me exited, together super psyched. plus from what I have seen Everspace looks more beautiful than GOF3 (ignoring the reduced graphics cause of the mobile platform)
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