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As an owner of samsung gear VR, how will you address the lack of long distance fidelity? (For example not seeing a black hole until you are getting singularized) Its a trick question but im all ears to hear about solutions during development!

Im excited for rift, but heard it wont have very good resolution. What do you guys think of rift so far, and what features dare we expect?


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    Wont be an issue. Dk2 has no issues with any other space sims out there, and the CV1 and vive will already be out by release of this title
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    The HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are in a whole different league from the Gear VR. The Gear VR is neat but at the end of the day it's limited in it's processing by what can be done on a cell phone processor/gpu. That's a HUGE limitation compared to the high end PC driven Vive and Rift.

    I'm not sure what you consider "very good resolution" but both the Vive and the Rift have a 2160x1200 (1080x1200 per eye) resolution. Personally I consider anything 1080p (such as the Rift DK2 and PlayStation VR) and up to be pretty good but your opinion may very. The higher the resolution though the more powerful the GPU needs to be to power great graphics. The Gear VR DOES have a higher resolution at 2560x1440 but it has an anemic GPU in comparison so it's a trade off.
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    asmodai, do not underestimate phones. they are single handedly taking control of computer markets, high resolution screens, -BEEP-, even gorilla glass. People go through Iphones much faster than PC's.

    i will play devils advocate just for the sake of discussion.

    you said the gear VR DOES have higher resolution... but even then it is not enough at that distance from the eye.
    if you cant read text with rift how could a powerful GPU possibly help? (even a close distance.. imagine wearing a rift with a passthrough camera looking at your own PC monitor, yikes!)

    im all for head tracking & 90 frames per second...
    but why not 4k (8k) rift? (or ultraHD or something)
    "because today's computers cant handle it" would be a horrible excuse.
    "because the rift would be too expensive" its already expensive to the point of hobby enthusiast, what more could hurt? make it perfect the first time.
    i consider myself an enthusiast but when v2 comes out a year or two later (for twice the price) but has better resolution, FOV, and frames i'll be glad i didnt get v1.

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    With that said, if they are going to make it enjoyable on rift, they are going to make sacrifices (hopefully there will be amazing hud options to balance this)
    I would imagine reading item descriptions meant for screen in rift is difficult, for example

    Luckily its a space action shooter heh
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