Feedback after 1st playthrough

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I beat the beta yesterday on my 24th attempt and just wanted to give some feedback.

FIrst of all, I really like the concept behind Everspace. I've played a lot of space sims (Tie Fighter, Wing Commander, EVE, GoF, Black Prophecy, Elite: Dangerous...) and this is definately something fresh! The roguelike and survival elements work pretty well in a space shooter it seems! You never know what you get and what lies ahead of you, ressources are limited which forces you to explore and make "unpleasant" decisions (like killing neutrals for fuel or leaving stuff behind) and the constant time pressure and thrill of being chased create an intense and unique experience. It can get pretty hectic and I like that! :p

Also, graphics, sound fx and especially the music are pretty nice (except for that one tune which has this constant crackling noise, at first i thought it's bug) and the basic controls feel as they should, well done!

But there are some aspects of the game which I didn't enjoy at all and which in my opinion can and should be adressed. The biggest disappointment for me is the combat. Enemy pilots don't seem to be very smart and combat feels the same most of the time. They don't have many tricks or maneuvers to evade fire or shake you off their tails. The only thing they can do surprisingly well is shooting hitscan weapons, but you also have aim assist which makes it only more boring and feel too much like an RPG. Many of them seem to fire backwards also, which makes tailing pointless. Most of my fights looked like this: after taking out their drones in the first pass, I often found myself strafeboosting around the fighters in a circle with my primary locked in, combined with the occasional missile and crowd control effect. That's usually the fastest way for me to kill them and less risky than it sounds if you have a front shield generator. Of course, there are more subtile methods, but it usually takes longer and that's not exactly what I need in this game. In short: please make combat more dynamic by sending the AI to advanced flight school and give us the ability to disable aim assist!

Another thing I didn't like is the interface, especially the item management. You have 4 categories (primary, secondary, device, consumable), and you have 2 buttons (next and previous) per category to switch between the slots, which is 8 buttons just for selection, plus 4 buttons to activate, makes it 12 buttons only for handling your stuff! And if that's not enough, the fact that you can have 4 or more unlocked slots per category, made me give up and just press tab all the time to manage my stuff from the menue and thus killing the game flow. I know there's a radial menue if you hold down the buttons, but it's not ideal for mouse users and also a bit slow. Maybe give us classic hotkeys from 0-9 instead where we can assign anything we want per drag n' drop and directly activate it by pressing these buttons.

The HUD could show a little more information and there should be a sector overwiew of some sort, like an expandable list or a tab in the sector menu, showing everything you have revealed with your scanners and the distance to your ship, maybe even the ability to lock targets directly from that list. As it is now, I'm just spinning around like crazy to locate stuff and aim at everything to see what it is, which can be pretty annoying. Also, visibilty of certain HUD elements like target indicators is pretty horrible. Sometimes you don't see them as they blend in with the color of the background or the sun. I guess different colors would be enough.

But other than that and a few expected bugs like loot glitching through objects, not being able to rebind mousewheel down and the game stuttering when shooting mineable asteroids, it feels pretty solid and it's fun to play already. Can't wait for the story elements and all the other features in the retail version! Keep it up!


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    Hi! Thanks for your feedback!

    Enemy AI: That is true, most enemies follow the same AI attack pattern. We want to do more cool stuff like different attack phases, dodging and completely new movement abilities. As always it's a matter of time and priorities.

    Item management: 12 buttons for handling your stuff sounds crazy but personally, I don't think that it's really that bad. You can play just fine by using 1-4 keys and R/C. The wheel menu is kind of broken for mouse and keyboard right now, we will have to fix that soon. Also, a classic drag&drop RPG item bar with hotkeys is on our list, too. We will just have to see when we will find the time to implement it.

    HUD: I don't think that an expandable list of all items in the location like in Eve Online really fits this action-game. At some time though, we will address the HUD markers again and try to replace the blending as it is now with something more readable.
  • DeadEch0DeadEch0 Common Beta Backer ES1, Customer Posts: 37
    Hi and thanks for replying!

    Yes, I think if the wheel gets improved and an item bar is implemented at some point, it will be fine. Nice to hear!

    About the list, Black Prophecy (I don't expect anyone to remember that) also was an action-oriented space shooter and it had such a list, you could bring it up in flight by pressing a button and select targets from there. It wasn't as bad as you might think it was. just saying. But true, it might not be the optimal solution for Everspace, maybe some sort of simple radar will be more than enough to improve navigation...

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