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Here is a list of features that I have found that will or will hopefully be in the game. Remember as the game is in development this list certainly isn't complete and some features may even be cut. However lets hope there all in. All this information comes from videos, interviews and articles. Some assumptions have been made but I usually mention them in some manor or other.

If you have questions or more to add please feel free to post away, otherwise discuss to your hearts content.
At the moment I'm not including sources cause that will add a -BEEP- ton of more work and I'm not prepared to do that as of yet but if you want a specific source I'll try and oblige

Cloaking Device
Now from the looks of things it may simply be a temporary ability to help you get away from a fight and re-angle yourself but I could be wrong. I heard it may be a full ability which if so adds all sorts of possibilities.

Freeze Action
Pausing the action in the middle of a fight to take cool screenshots but also helpful to see what's behind you and what's going on around you. You are also able to detach the camera from your ship (within a certain range) so you can see what you and the scenery looks like from elsewhere, great for screenshots or simply looking around.

Warping into action around you.
We have seen capital ships warping right next to you and start firing straight away, looks -BEEP-'d cool and scary if there attacking you. Luckily they appear to be terrible aims when its against fighters.

Kamikaze Fighters
Now these look -BEEP- annoying, and very hard to stop, basically suicide bombers in space talk about scary.

Mining for fuel.
In order to leave a system you need fuel which you mine from asteroids little blue crystal ore. No word if you can buy the fuel at stations. You have to mine it every time you want to warp to another system.

Procedural Environments
Now this is something I'm excited for never encounter a mission and its surroundings the same. Always something new. Love the Rogue-like system. After each death all the maps change as does all the character locations.

Lightning Fields
Now this looks fun and annoying at same time, apparently there's cool loot in them but they leave you vulnerable and can damage your ship and systems. I'm not sure if these are going to be nebula's or traps or remains of ships that have broken up and now send electrical charges to each of the parts but its still a cool element. It also drains your ships energy so i suspect if you spend to long in one you will eventually run out of power to the point you wont be able to power your life support. So could be deadly, even though it looks cool.

1st and 3rd Person Perspective
Nothing like Star Citizen this game is meant to be arcade like so the devs seem to be embracing the first person and third person perspective. Looks good either way. Seamlessly change between the two perspectives, perfect if you prefer to fly in 3rd and fight in 1st, or the other way round.

Explosion Physics
Watch as ships get destroyed and fly through the debris field but be careful not to get close to any remaining drifting large ship parts as they may explode on you.

Damage shadder
At least 7 levels of damage textures for your ship. So you can easily tell how screwed you are.

Visible ship upgrades
Apparently most ship upgrades alters your ships visual look. So Better and bigger engines means a cooler looking set of engines etc...

Virtual Reality
Enjoy using your headset to look around your cockpit and see whats shooting at you from behind. Just don't get a crick in your neck. Basic camera manipulation is going to be available on release (probably alpha release) however the devs hope that further features will be manageable before full release, otherwise extra VR features will be available via a patch after full release.

Scan Pulse
Cool Looking scan pulse that searches for nearby loot, ships (cloaked and otherwise), points of interest and resources(I presume minerals and other lovely items)

Explore the system for the resources that are available in the given system. Exploration is essential to the game, you will need to find resources and search for mission objectives and just cause the game is filled with great scenery.

Space Distortions
Looks like a tiny black hole so could be a weapon or simply a space obstacle.

Death is only the beginning.
Now with the fascination with Rogue Legacy I believe when you die your children or descendant takes up the fight, or something like that. You will almost certainly restart the game many, many times as you die, so i suspect its something like Infinity Blade.

Death Helps
When you die you use all the things you collected before to make a better go at it the next run. Very much like Infinity Blade. Death does mean you loose your ship and equipment but you keep credits and blueprints/schematics. We may gate to keep other things after death but no word on what, but you will almost always will find a situation where you can spend money and risk dying or simply die and use the money you saved for something more useful early on.

Crafting with resources you find for better weapons and systems. So Expect a large crafting tree. And resources being limited so specific resource you need will probably be in a different systems, so you will be doing lots of exploring. As you find Blueprints your crafting abilities grow dramatically.

You find and loot schematics to help build bigger and better ships. One of the big things to do is find blueprints in order to progress further. One Blueprint (at present) does not mean one crafting upgrade but a few to many relates items

Engage in missions and side missions to get credits which can be used to upgrade your ship. It may be more sensible to not spend credits upgrading your ship and use the credits to build a better ship after your death. So saving is as important as spending. Deciding when to spend is as important as on what, if you have seen a specific enemy in the system you can kit yourself out to defeat them or if you think they may be too strong even with upgrades maybe its time for a restart.

On the fly ship modifications
Probably wont be able to do full modification manipulation but probably be able to change your loadout as long as you have the necessary weapons and armaments. I suspect you need to be out of direct combat though.

In addition to ship modifications and armaments, you have perks designed to help you tip the balance in a given situation. I get the impression perks recharge with time.



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    This is something that is designed to help improve certain abilities like greater crits, greater damage, possibly even improve shield recharge that sort of thing. I get the impression consumables have to be bought or crafted.

    Non Linier Story
    No major story event is repeated even though you restart the game many times. Aiming to make each run through interesting and meaningful. Death does not interfere with the story. The locations for story missions changes from player to player. Death is essential in order to get everything out of the story. So don't be perfect(not that I think it will be possible). The story is supposed to be gripping and something people are going to want to know the end of.

    Colourful Space
    Space is normally dark, however Everspace is taking advantage of the unreal engine and bringing a romantic feel to colours, making epic looking scenery, even in space. There will be many scenarios from planetary orbits to asteroid belts and much more, all designed to be beautiful and memorable.

    Life support system
    If for some reason your life support goes down you get a timer telling you how much air you have left. This also implies that you may need to mine oxygen in order to stay alive.

    Each system has a number of planets and environments to visit. With each death the map changes and each sector has new systems and planets. Each run is different as each map is procedurally generated.

    Log Books
    As you play you may encounter Log books, probably only found on destroyed ships, each log book contains information about what happened to its previous owner. You can even edit(maybe even create your own) the log book and enter your own story for other players to find. I imagine it will upload to a server and the re-distriputed to other players.

    Anything can happen, did you just escape the lightning field well here's some capital ships for you to run away from, Expect the AI to keep you on your toes. Enemy ship types have different tactics when they face you so learn what they do and change your tactics accordingly. (I'm unsure if tactics change with death but i believe the tactics remain the same) You learn from your mistakes when entering combat with enemy ships, if one kills you and you learn how to avoid it then next life you are better equipped to face that specific enemy. Each enemy type uses specific tactics, weapons and armaments so you need to learn how to combat each element to effectively defeat that type in the future.

    Enemy ships
    Each ship has specific armaments and equipment and you need to learn how to combat them best. Larger ships have rather suspicious weak spots like shield generators in plain view (think shield generator on top of Imperial Star Destroyer in Star Wars). Learn each ship type and how it manoeuvres and how it attacks and if you die learn from that death and avoid it in the future.

    Three specific ship designs
    Each ship has a primary play method which changes how you play the entire game so choose wisely. No word on whether you can change ship mid play though.
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    Awesome, thank for putting this together.
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    Where was the log book thing? I know you can create a log entry as a perk if you pledged high enough (Space Pro like me, or higher) but where is it that it will be player editable? I don't imagine that'll happen, as the game is single-player. Once you install it, you don't need to go online to play it.
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    you are correct its a reward tier link here to video its straight to time point too. Its probable that its not an on going editable log book, which is a shame. my bad for missing the fact it was a tier thingy. thanks for pointing it out.

    on a side note its on two messages cause each post has a character limit and i went over it by like 2000 charachters
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