AI Intimidation/Regrouping Suggestion

WeatherManWeatherMan Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES1, Space Optimizr Posts: 53
Here's a small suggestion to make the AI behave in a more intelligent manner and become better fighters.

It runs off of these three principals:

- AI ships/the leader of a squadron should evaluate their situation and condition every few seconds in a fight to decide if it should continue fighting or to fly away to nearby allies for protection/to regroup.

- The AI ships will also be able to recruit allies into their squadrons to fill vacancies or to bolster their numbers by combining two separate squadrons to form a group.

- The AI uses the radio to alert the player that they are attempting to form a group or trying to fly away.

Two examples of this:

If an outlaw loses it's two wingmen fighting the player, under this new suggestion it will try to fly to other nearby outlaws that aren't in combat and try to get them to become new wingmen before coming back to fight the player.


Before the battle if the squadron of Outlaws knew they were outmatched by the player they would instead avoid them (alerting the player over the radio) and try to form a larger group to then attack with a better chance of success.

This would make the AI a lot more interesting to fight, as they won't just mindlessly dive into your fully upgraded laser banks all the time and actually try and get an advantage over you.
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