Crosshair indicators when moving from center

HyfernoxHyfernox Common Beta Backer ES1, Customer Posts: 3
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Hey guys. I ... really don't know why, but somehow I miss something that Freelancer did when it comes to move the crosshair in Mouse/Keyboard controls from the center. The indicator arrows. See screenshot below from Freelancer.

I can't really explain why I feel they're missing and I don't really know if they would actually "add" something to the feel of your ship but it just came to my mind.

Also somewhat related and was maybe discussed already. You can't move the crosshair all the way to the edge. I am ok with that but what about a circle that indicates the invisible edge our crosshair can move. See edited screenshot below.

Thank you.


  • TraxTrax Kickstarter Beta Backer ES1, Space Dog Posts: 3
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    About the crosshair I don't really agree. It's just ugly to have an ovale on top of this awesome atmosphere. The current HUD is sufficent and everything more should only be optional. But yes I also have problems with controlling my ship and I'm quite sure it's because of the limited area.
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