Small Things to make the game a Better Experience.

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Here is a list of a few small things that may make the game a better experience for some people.

V-Synch ON/OFF

I would much rather not use V-synch as it provides some Major mouse lag for my system(s) Which, Especially during high intensive fights, Cause for a loss & Strain.

Frame locking (30,60,120 & OFF)

Depending both on your monitors Refresh rate Locking the screen might be more beneficial then using V-Synch. Locking your FPS also means that people with low end fans Doesn't have to worry about Overheating their system. Allowing for optional lock or Not locking it at all is always preferred over a Forced lock.

Multiple Saved Runs

each Run would be 1 Save. Similar to 'binding of isaac'. were each Person in the family may have their of save, Without using or Messing up another Family members Choices. It will also allow for restarts without losing any progress. Also having the ability to copy a current run to a different save spot will allow you to save some progress against inevitable Crashes or Bugs that may Break that save. What cause me to realise this was the "Alt+Tab indicator bug" Which causes your mouse to be at a different location then were it is indicated. Wich by accident Caused me to Delete my Progress... *Cries silently inside*

The Ability to Zoom into your Crossair.

Some Weapons in this game have a Really long range. Making it really hard to aim at a target that is constantly moving from those ranges. Having the ability to Zoom in will make it easier to hit further away targets, wile'st making it harder to hit closer Targets. If not having the ability to do so from the get go, Maybe allow for a module to be created to do exactly that?

Changing the Colors of your HUD.

Ability to change the Opacity of the Colors will help when looking at certain things. This will also help Color blind people. For example. With the current Opacity of the Crossair it is extremely hard to see it when pointing it against a Light source, such as a Sun. Making the color more opaque will block more of the light from that lightsource making the Crossair easier to see.

Ability to move & Resize the Hud.

for me personally the Hud Size is perfect Except for the 'Radar dish' like thingies that indicates were points of interest are in relation to were you are currently pointing your ship at... I'm gonna call that the Compass. In Third Person I would like to have it slightly smaller so it doesn't get obstructed by the rest of my hud.

More Weapons, Ships.

Currently in the early Sectors (1-3) You see the same weapons & the same Devices Never something new. Makes the experiance in the early game a chore. Bumping up the Drop chance for more & Different weapon variate will make the game feel fresh and new with each playthrough.

During the kickstarter you showed the above image, Is this still a Planned thing? Having different 'Wings', or other 'Devices', to switch to which in turn changes how the ship behaves, Of which you can unlock when ur playing game. Was a major role in me kickstarting the game.

Better Options meny
I believe you are already working on this. Sound Controls are bad. Windowed Fullscreen doesn't exist. only a small assortment of Resolution. No ability to freely select which Graphics option you want to use. This also generally encapsulates some other Points in this post.

Edit: More Key options (for PC)
having the ability to assign a key (Keyboard or Mouse) to a Device, weapon or Other slot in the game.
I hate to toggle through 3 Different weapons just to get to the 4th weapon because that weapon is the best for the current Circumstances. Making it possible for me to Bind my 1-4 Keys to a weapon each will greatly help me.

Edit 2: Moving Devices/Weapons to a different slot.
With the previous mentioned I would also like to be able to Move my Devices in my inventory Instead of Dropping them all & then slowly picking them up in the order I want them, to easier use them.

The end.
These are a few things I've encountered which seem odd or doesn't make sense to why they arn't in the game.
Even with my Qualms, the game is still a Good Game. Thank you for not disappointing me.

Made 2 more thingies.


  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Administrator, Moderator, Space Cat Posts: 1,110
    In regards to Multiple Saved Runs...

    I know ROCKFISH Games has taken inspiration from Rogue: Legacy in regards to the creation of Everspace. To reference, R:L uses three different save slots, distinguished from one another from ALL content (including "perks"). Seems like a reasonable request, really.

    This could also encourage replayability in the sense of testing out different combinations of early perks.
  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,317
    Thanks for the list, you mention a lot of good points, there (noted them all). Yes, the options menu is pretty makeshift in its current state, we'll add more options soon. Multiple player saves (player profiles) have been on our mind for ages, but like some other points you mentioned, we just didn't have the time, yet. We're a small team and have to make careful decisions which features are more important than others and should be tackled, first. So thanks for your feedback and I'm glad you're enjoying the game, overall!
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