Steam, Origin and GOG

Kurzon MorrisKurzon Morris Kickstarter Backer ES1, Space Cat Posts: 73
Many of us I'm sure would like to game together so here are a few links to places that people and devs have created to gather together and enjoy games together.

Some platforms only have friends so please feel free to post your details if you want people to add you to there friends list.

Everspace Steam Group
Everspace Steam Greenlight Page
Gog wishlist

My details so feel free to add me on any of the following, I play a bunch of coop and multiplayer games so feel free to hit me up and I'll happily game with any of you all. (just mention u got my details from here)
Steam: stave darksabre
GOG: kurzonmorris
Origin: kurzonmorris

I'm currently playing alot of Star Wars Battlefront so add me. Oh i'm also part of a community that uses teamspeak so if u play a game with me we can use that. (for those interested)


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