Alien Fighters using Front Shields should use a different AI

WeatherManWeatherMan Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES1, Space Optimizr Posts: 53
edited August 2016 in Suggestions (read only)
I keep noticing that the Alien Fighters are wasting the use of the Front Shield ability by doing attack runs on enemies and leaving their rears unguarded (they seem oblivious to the fact that front shields make you invincible from the front).

I feel like they could benefit from changing to a different AI that lets them sit back and always try to keep the enemy in front of them so they can make the best use of their shield projector and be able to fire way more often on opponents.

Actually now that I think of it this could be a really cool concept for a new type of flak wielding 'Alien Bomber/Gunboat' enemy type that has the weakest traditional shielding but uses an infinite front shield ability.
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