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Okay I for one is desperate to play this game so I'm absorbing all the info I can find, so I thought I'd create a thread where I'll post about every tweet, post and article that brings info or video's and screenshots.

So check here for a fairly up to date account of all the Everspace information.

If you find any more that adds to the information post here and of course feel free to discuss any of the articles bellow.

(If i ever get the ability to edit posts after an hour I'll update this post, otherwise it will be in separate posts so look out for big headings from me and you'll see the latest info)

I'll post locations of articles/tweets etc... With descriptions and I'll post from now onwards with a few from the past too.

Articles, Tweets and Updates

Your one stop shop for the latest updates and articles about Everspace

TWEET Explosion Physics - The GIF shows an example of explosion physics in action - 30 January 2016

Official Update 19 - Lava Planets, Explosion Physics, Weapon Mods, Enemy types and Xbox One build - 29 January 2016

PC Gamer Article with First Trailer - Talking about the first new beautiful Gameplay Trailer - 20 December 2015

Kickstarter campaign - A great place for essential info, videos and images. - 11th September 2015

Rock Paper Shotgun Space Porn Introduction Article - Introduction article with the 10 min pre-alpha footage included. - 24 August 2015

PC Gamer Article Introduction - Introducing the game and 10 mins pre-alpha footage. - 16 August 2015

Indepth article fro Gosu Tech - Quite an indepth article with a trailer and lots of description of the game. - 14 August 2015

Kotaku Aus Introducducing Article - Introductory post from Kotaku Australia with game description, video's and a few gif's. - 12 August 2015

Steam Green Light page - The game has already successfully gone through Greenlight and is now an interesting place to discuss the game and see announcements.

Official Twitter - With many update posts and video's.


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