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First let me say that this game is amazing :grin:
I feel like Everspace is a title that could forever change the face of rougelike titles, making them more mainstream and approachable, Much like FTL and Rogue Legacy. That said, in these middle stages of development, i feel as though there are a few features that we could add to be as good as we can be. Note, these are in no particular order.

#1 A 3d radar hud widget is an absolute must for space combat. At bare minimum it needs X and Y planes, NSWE compass orientation, and red/yellow/green dots for local ships. It would be nice to also be capable of conveying enemy missles, drones, loot, and ship type with little icons (think Egosoft). That alone would greatly improve navigation. I can't tell you how many times i've seen a big pile of tech crates, only to get in a firefight with dangerous enemies and totally lose my bearings; forcing me to wander around like an idiot looking for my pilo o' loot. Also, a 3d radar vastly improves the ability to track multiple hostiles for people who know how to read them.

#2 Voice acting. A little bit of voice acting would be nice to convey atmosphere, but really is unnecessary. It would also make space a little less lonely. "Alien warship incoming" would be enough to make me -BEEP- my pants lol. Voice acting would also go very nicely with article #3 on this list.

#3 Mission variation. (Think FTL, but it doesn't need to be that complex.) We don't really need a huge amount of different missions IMHO, Defend station, Defend freighter, Defend Miners, Destroy station, Destroy freighter, destroy enemy capital, Bounty kill, Fetch X, Plant bomb, Bomb defusal, Hack X, etc. Many of these are already in game, albeit in a less overt manner. These missions should have some random flavor text, as well as variable rewards/penalties. Which brings us to possible reward/penalties. Credits are nice, but don't give us too many. I think recieving random resources, items, blueprints, free repairs, or maybe even remove on death perks (shield capicitor +2.5% etc.) I would also like to see missions be able to increase or decrease interceptor arrival times (more on this in #4.) Another possible outcome of a mission could maybe be more or less enemy presence in the next sector. + or - faction relations (#5.) Lastly, and least important, an allied ship(s) that would follow you for a certain number of jumps (if that's possible.)

#4 Alien arrival timer. A little bar near the top of the screen telling us when the baddies are going to show up would be awesome, but it would remove the tension of not knowing how soon you need to book it.

#5 Run specific faction relations. This is one that would be kinda cool, but is not super necessary. Being able to make outlaws permanently neutral/friendly(accomplishing missions that would more than likely make terrans permanently hostile) and being able to make the terrans friendly. Making terrans friendly may come with certain modified behaviours like prioritizing the health of the protagonist or improving prices at refuel stations. I feel like making aliens neutral would ruin the point of the game.

#6 Adjustable/Improved UI. I'll be honest, I think the UI needs a lot of work. I have trouble distinguising terran fighters from minable asteroids. Being able to customize the colors of certain things would be cool, but it wouldn't be necessary if everything was much more visible/informative. The leading reticle is not very visible. Maybe it's just because i play on high resolution?

#7 Run Mutators. I think it would be cool to be able to set mutators on runs after you accomplish some kind of arbitrary achievement (again, think FTL.) I feel like they should be positive or negative. Increased weapon damage, Increased heat generation, No shields, no boost, more enemies, capital ships in every sector, no consumable use, no secondary weapon use, only kinetic weapons availible, enemy health X1.5, player health =1 hull point, etc. those are just a few i can think of off the top of my head. They would also serve as a rudimentary difficulty adjustment for the wimpies and the dark souls masochists (like me lol.) This one could even be a DLC for all i care. I don't mind spending money on developers I like.

#8 Starting Loadouts? Give the player the ability to spend credits on items before a run. Probably the best way to restrict this would be to only be able to buy what you have the blueprint for or something. Also make them very very expensive. 7000 credits to start with a shock rifle MK.II for example.

#9 Sector skipping and secret bosses. Add the ability to skip ahead a few sectors after you've defeated the secret boss ship. Pretty self explanatory. It would reduce the sector 1 grind. This would almost certainly require #8 to be worth doing. This could be a pretty cool DLC as well.

I'm not saying that this game needs any of these to be good, I think it's already -BLEEP- amazing! A 3d radar and better UI would be what I think the most important additions are.

I'm sure that many of these have probably already been suggested, or are already in development. I apologize for being such a pleb and not searching for all of these. I've been too busy playing everspace :wink:

Thanks for reading!


  • SigmaSigma Common Beta Backer ES1, Customer Posts: 40
    Oops! I thought they were going to bleep the F word 0_o
    is there some way i can edit that out?
  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,317
    Hi, thank you very much for the detailed feedback! You mention some good points, a few of them are already on our list. However, some of them might be too time-consuming to implement at the moment, but we'll definitely discuss them all and see what we can do. Thanks for your support, I'm glad you're enjoying the game!
  • SigmaSigma Common Beta Backer ES1, Customer Posts: 40
    I don't think enjoy is the proper word. More like in love :p
    As long as we get enough attention (and sales obviously) I think this game will usher in a new age of modern rogue likes.

    I think we're gonna kick no man's sky's but lol.
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